CoachFor.Life isn’t only about the experts. It isn’t only about the 6 figure income.

It is about you! And, overcoming the roadblocks of complexity on your journey to freedom!

What do you want from life? What do you want from your brand? What are the values that you do not want to compromise with? Because success that doesn’t come at your terms isn’t success at all.

Here’s a Puzzle For You:

Study after study shows that entrepreneurs are the most contented people on earth.

Study after study shows that entrepreneurs are the most stressed people on earth.

How do you explain this contradiction?

The truth is, working for yourself, working towards a vision is the highest form of freedom and the biggest privilege possible.

If you are a paper-entrepreneur, a solopreneur, a startup or a thriving established company – congratulations!

To varying degrees, you have the right to call your day your own and make an impact on the world.

There is another truth though.

The psychological and physiological cost of being an entrepreneur is huge.

There is so much to take care of. Funds, employees, team building, product research, customer retention, succession planning and more.

Some entrepreneurs start their journey only to discover that they aren’t pursuing their true passion and purpose. Some struggle because they lack essential skills like marketing and don’t know whom they should turn to.

Others feel pressured to conform to a ‘particular’ lifestyle and end up chasing goals that mean little to them.

Everything adds up to create confusion and chaos. And 80% of business owners eventually throw in the towel!

There is a solution to this problem though…..

A solution where you can embrace the contentment of being an entrepreneur without the unnecessary stress….


And it Lies in Knowing & Learning:

  1. Know what your biggest strengths are and what you have to build from scratch
  2. Know what you want to achieve with your business and your life, to the exclusion of what ‘others’ deem right for you
  3. Learn the best practices and cutting edge innovations from industry experts to uplevel your game, remove the complexity and race towards your purpose

The result? A business that keeps growing!

Since you do what you have drive and passion for, motivation is never in short supply.

With our expert guidance, the missing pieces fall in place without struggle.

And most importantly, you feel fulfilled along the way because you aren’t striving towards someone else’s definition of the finish line.


This is The Effective Solution

CoachFor.Life has a selection of holistic group and one-on-one programs that include insights, tools and knowledge from the best in the business.

A lot of thought has been put into these offerings so that you can enjoy personalized attention and tailored coaching with the support of a community of like minded, laser focused serial entrepreneurs.

Master the latest in search, site and social marketing as solutions for client acquisition.  We bring you ONLY that is relevant now and in future.

Learn about Direct Response Marketing and how it can boost your business, on steroids. Forget old school methods, this is classic marketing meets ROI driven mind-set.

Learn about the tricks of budgeting that matter with <<Name of Expert>>

Be privy to digital and neuromarketing secrets with the likes of <<Name of Expert>> and <<Name of Expert>> We give you an advantage by unveiling what your peers aren’t using yet!

Dive into customer experience with <<Name of Expert>>

Master productivity and general well being with <<Name of Expert>> and <<Name of Expert>>

Turn exponential growth into reality with growth hacking strategies that actually work.


What Set’s Us Apart

The very first thing that CoachFor.Life will do for you is assess what you want for yourself. We will meet you where you are and take you to the next step. After all, we are insuring your smile and it is important for us to understand what keeps it intact!

We help you dig deep and get in touch with your true reason for existing – it doesn’t matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ you feel that is! We then give you everything you require – the knowledge, the discipline, the mental conditioning, the tools and the expert insights – to hit that goal.

At the end of the day, our job is to make SELF (simple – enduring – lucrative – fun) directed life and business a reality so that you can enjoy success without needless stress, and at your own pace.


How Coach For Life Works?

CoachFor.Life has a three tier model that helps deliver the maximum value to you based on where you are righ now:

The Assessment

Want in on the community? Just jump to the short assessment below and tick the options that resonate with you the most. We will mail you a personalized report that will tell you exactly which CoachFor.Life tier will work the best for you.

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Tier 1: General Community Membership

The general community membership is your first baby step towards living your definition of success on your terms. When you avail of it, you get access to Philip D Bennett’s entire repository of eBooks and password protected training guides that give you the foundational knowledge required to start gauging what is working for your business, what are the problem areas in your work and your life and how you can manage them.

Tier 2: The “I Am Ready” Package

The name says it all. This is for business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about living life on their own terms with their smile intact. This is why we require you to go through a rite of passage that will teach you to forever put a premium on your ‘smile’ when you join the ‘I Am Ready’ family!

Spanning the duration of 12 months you get 12 coaching calls with industry experts to handle critical areas like marketing, sales, mind training, inner peace, purpose and passion, growth hacking, subliminal influence, the future of SEO and more. These information packed calls are supplemented with worksheets and take-away recordings. You also get automatic access to all the perks of the General Community Membership. And most importantly you get six one on one thirty minute coaching calls with acclaimed Fledge mentor and best selling author Philip D Bennett – the man who has run 8 successful companies and helped dozens of ventures secure market share, capital and network connections.

Tier 3: One on One Coaching Sessions

Sometimes all you need is highly focused and personalized help to tackle one key problem plaguing your company. Using his vast 30 year experience and a cutting edge kit of tools and techniques, Philip D Bennett will help identify the root cause of the issue, assess its potency and then set up a sustainable (and easy to implement) process to eliminate it from the foundation.

Philip is a well known business automation expert and has written extensively on the topic of D-A-G (Document – Automate – Grow) for rapid building of entrepreneurial assets.

Sessions are typically two hours long and only a limited number of slots are available in a month.

Start Smiling! Start Growing Your Business Exponentially on Your Own Terms!


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Philip D BennettLinkedIn Profile for Philip D BennettAbout Philip D Bennett:

Very few people run their business trajectory as comprehensively as Philip. This Top Gun Award winner started out as a sales maestro and quickly discovered the joys of an entrepreneurial life. After opening a slew of successful companies, he started feeling the high psychological cost of being an independent business owner and proceeded to avail of coaching from the biggest names in the industry including Joe Polish, Brendon Burchard and Dan Kennedy. He has also worked with some of the top mentors on the planet.

The author of five books, including the bestseller Game Changers, in demand speaker and highly sought after Fledge Accelerator mentor, Philip is a LinkedIn Pro coach who has organized dozens of seminars and workshops and now assists companies from all over the world in overcoming niche problems that can make or break their business.

Affectionately known as the ‘Be, Do and Have More of What’s Important to You’ guy he has established a new coaching paradigm that values happiness and monetary success in equal measures for a truly fulfilled life.

Want to grab one of the elusive one on one coaching spots with Philip? Check his calendar to book a slot or send us your name and email to get on the waiting list.

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Mindy Ngo“Philip is an extraordinary mentor with keen insights and resourceful connections. Since our initial conversation, Philip introduced me to high-caliber individuals who provided incredible resources. He helped come up with fun, innovative ideas for my crowdfunding campaign as well as next steps forward for my business. I look forward to continue working with him at Collabortank.”

LinkedIn Profile for Mindy Ngo, MS, Director of Analytics at Why The Health Not LLC

Mindy Ngo, MS, Director of Analytics at Why The Health Not LLC

“I just wanted to thank you for the very inspirational speech you gave at the Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony. It was very humbling to hear your story and be able to take some very memorable advice along with me as I continue on my journey of finding who I am and who I want to become in the business world. Thank you!”

Cristina Ortega Valle, Boise State Education Department

Byton Simwela“I would like to sincerely convey my heartfelt thanks for all the support you rendered to me during my 8 weeks at Fledge 7. Your support is invaluable. Your mentorship has greatly helped me to understand my business better and our company has been positioned for success. To all of you who spoke to me, gave me suggestions, cheered and asked me questions, you are awesome! I am back to my country Malawi, ready to make things happen. I will still need your support and I will be in touch with you asking for more guidance. Once again, thank you so much.”

LinkedIn Profile for Byton Simwela, Ziweto Enterprise

Byton Simwela, Ziweto Enterprise (Fledge)

Brent Oils“This is to express my sincere gratitude to you for the invaluable support given to me as a representative for Brent Technologies (a.k.a Brent Oils). The advice, knowledge, and assignments you gave me made me think beyond what I had in mind before.  I now have a complete picture of my business.You sowed a living seed and availed all the best conditions for its germination. I assure you it will germinate. You not only helped me, or Uganda, or East Africa, you helped the entire African Continent and probably the entire world since our business addresses an environmental unnatural disaster. Once again, thank you very much!”

LinkedIn Profile for Geoffrey Ssekatawa, CEO and founder: Brent Technologies Ltd

Geoffrey Ssekatawa, CEO and founder: Brent Technologies Ltd (Fledge)

Boise Tech Mall“I recently have had several interactions with Phil and find him very intuitive offering wise feedback and thought challenging questions that need answers. His life and business experience make him an ideal mentor, advisor and entrepreneur. He has vision, focus and a proven track record in working with  developing companies and seasoned veterans of industry. He has a draw you in personality allowing trust to build fast and go deep quickly. I count knowing him a honor, working with him a privilege.”

LinkedIn Profile for Phil Sigler, Partner at Boise TechMall

Phil Sigler, Partner at Boise TechMall


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